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NVA Masterclass 2019
15/11/2019 - 15/11/2019 te Utrecht
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NVA Masterclass 2019
15/11/2019 - 15/11/2019 te Utrecht
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EU Congress of Shoulder & Elbow Rehab
13/12/2019 - 14/12/2019 te 's-Hertogenbosch
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NOV Annual Meeting 2020
30/01/2020 - 31/01/2020 te 's-Hertogenbosch
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Make-A-Wish Meeting Amsterdam
03/02/2020 - 07/02/2020 te Amsterdam
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What our customers think about us

  • Thanks for spectacular caring and support and the perfect arrangements during my visit. Quite special services you offer and I will highly recommend you to anyone you would like. Recent guest at one of our conferences
  • Excel is open to finding solutions with direct communication. Mathys Medical
  • The professional yet personal approach of Excel, where the wishes of the client are at stake, results in a customized and desired outcome.

    Prof. P.D.Sander Dijkstra - Congress commission EMSOS
  • Excel organizes congresses in a very personal manner. They are always well informed about congress specific issues, making the organization perfect down to the last detail. Dr. K.G. Auw Yang
  • The 16th ESSKA Congress in Amsterdam has turned out to be such a wonderful event and you giving it the personal “Dutch” touch- added greatly to its value. Thank you again on behalf of all of us at ESSKA for contributing to a great success of our Amsterdam Congress. João Espregueira-Mendes – Former president of ESSKA
  • With great pleasure I have worked intensively together with Excel. Excel represents a lot of enthusiasm within the team, innovative solutions and a huge customer service. It was a big pleasure! and I am looking forward to new events together! Prof. Dr. Gino M.M.J. Kerkhoffs – Former president of the NVA
  • For many years in row we organize the NOV Annual Conference with Excel. Thanks to intensive contact and optimal cooperation, improvements and innovations can be brought to the concept each year. Prof. Dr. H.W.B. Schreuder – Treasurer NOV
  • Organizing a successful, innovative and connecting medical conference is teamwork. It is great to add Odette's experience and Bregje's enthusiasm to that. Dr. M.A.J. van de Sande - Congress Commission EMSOS
  • For several years, the NVA and Excel have a close collaboration. This consists of conference organization, office management and factoring as well as management support for the board of our association. Excel creates trust, ensures transparency and is characterized by a particularly good understanding of the different facets of this business. Dr. J.A.C. Zijl – President of the NVA