Teamwork makes the dream work!

Sports Valley 2023

In April 2022, we embarked on a journey to organize a sports medicine congress. Through excellent teamwork involving various partners (Sports Valley, Excel, ABN AMRO, ABN AMRO Open, Ahoy Rotterdam, and Avex), we achieved remarkable success.


To host a sports medicine congress for all sports and elite sports-minded healthcare professionals, elevating Sports Valley’s prominence on the “sports elite map.”


  1. Combining the congress with a top sports event. The ABN AMRO OPEN seemed a perfect fit for our target audience.
  2. The available budget is limited.
  3. We aim for a minimum of 100 participants, with no previous congress history or comprehensive contact data available.
  4. 21 speakers in a one day congress. Every speaker is given 20 minutes speech time.

The Result

1 & 2: ABN AMRO OPEN and limited budget:

Collaborating with ABN AMRO bank, we secured their least-visited symposium day during the ABN AMRO OPEN tennis tournament, enabling shared costs for venue setup and technology. Moreover, we successfully engaged numerous sponsors to participate.

Ad. 3: Generating participants:

Through an extensive social media campaign and involving various associations that Excel works with, we ultimately welcomed 320 participants in Rotterdam—an overwhelming response!

Ad. 4: Time management

In close collaboration with host Tom van ‘t Hek, we meticulously crafted and rehearsed a detailed schedule with the technical team and the host, ensuring the entire program ran seamlessly on time. A final dress rehearsal with some speakers was conducted in the morning.


Average participant rating: 8.5

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Teamwork makes the dream work!

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