Event Planning

Hire an Event Planner?

You are about to organize an event. Great! But it’s quite a job… Especially if you are new in the event business, lots of occasions where you are unfamiliar with will appear and make it very challenging. Therefore, it could be a smart decision to hire an experienced event planner that will likely saves you a lot of time, risk and unnecessary stress.

Excellent evenement laten organiseren

Excel, your Event Planner

Excel has many years of experience in event planning. From her experience as an event organizer, Odette de Beer-Kock founded Excel. Since 1995, Excel created many great, mesmerizing events. Large scale productions are fantastic, yet smaller productions belong to our expertise as well. We organized events ranging from easy-going speaker dinners and staff parties to major sit-down or walking dinners for over 800 people and corporate events at special venues as the Peace Palace.

Excellent evenement laten organiseren

From Event Design to Creating

Excel organizes a surprising and unique event for every customer. Starting with the event design and ending with the evaluation with our client. Based on your target group, your interest and budget, we design an appropriate event. For over twenty years, that is how we have been creating the ultimate atmosphere to bring people together, to connect them and offer them an unforgettable experience that will engage them to your brand or association forever. Excel designs, creates and realizes your excellent event!


One Chance, One Moment

Events can be compared with shows. Both are often organized a long time in advance. The difference is that events have no rehearsals. Everything must be flawless at once. That requires excellent preparation. All loose ingredients as the venue, the catering, the decoration, the setting, and entertainment together must result in a great recipe that creates the ultimate effect. Due to our years of experience, we have built up a large database with knowledge of the various possibilities. This allows us to pick the right ingredients for each event.

Excellent evenement laten organiseren

Your Event Planned by Excel

Are you about to organize an event and could you use the expertise of Excel? Or do you simply want some more information? Please do not hesitate to contact us! Our team remains available to answer all your questions. We are ready to help you on your way to an excellent event!