Online & Hybrid events

Online, hybrid, digital?

Opportunity is the finding of a new route to a known destination (Simon Sinek)

If anything good has come out of the “Corona era”, it is the development of options for online events. There is a suitable format for every form of knowledge transfer: a webinar, “Zoom” or “Teams”meeting, a livestream whether or not via one of the excellent platforms, hybrid events, and many other formats.

The format you select depends on the objectives. We would be delighted to help you formulate the objectives and determine the right design, select the right format, and finally, the right platform for your event. Then we select a suitable studio, of which we have meanwhile visited and recorded the facilities of countless.

In short, we support you through every step: from initial conceptualisation to the final thank-you to participants.



Online event

When organising and online event, the challenge is to keep your participants engaged. After all, there are many distractions when following a programme from behind your PC. A strong message, a varied programme, entertainment, and the ability to interact are important.

Excel would be delighted to offer input in this respect too! Knowledge of all the possibilities, a great deal of experience and a large network make Excel the right partner.

Step-by-step plan

  1. Formulating the objectives of the event
  2. Determining the preconditions
  3. Establishing the event design
  4. Deciding what format is appropriate
  5. Making a choice out of all the available platforms
  6. Outlining and finalising the details
  7. Drawing up a script
  8. We are “live” until “that’s a wrap”
  9. Aftersales service for speakers, participants, exhibitors, etc

Excel organises your online conference from A-Z. Have a look at our portfolio for an idea of the (online) conferences we have organised. Would you like to discuss the options? Contact us to make an appointment!